Thursday, November 24, 2005

Common Sense - Poly Ticks
The Political RAVINGS of an Insane Conservative!

To the FAR left ALL Conservatives are 'OBVIOUSLY' insane!

It is my purpose to sustain that political 'fact'.

The Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Al Gore, and Ted Kennedy loving folks will be most pleased, I'm sure.

Defending GOD and Country.
Defending the Boy Scouts.
Defending the Right, ...Against Abortion Wrongs.
Defending the Right, ...Against Gay Wrongs.
Why Do Liberals Love Islam?
The International Business World Speaks English!

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Kevin Lauer said...

Check out the rantings of another insane conservative (me) at I have a blog that is connected to the site and you can access it by clicking on the cartoon on my homepage. Lots of original conservative cartoons in the Archives section.