Saturday, January 09, 2010

Common Sense Poly-Ticks - Conservative Political Opinion

Common Sense Poly-Ticks - Conservative Political Opinion:
"Why You are Offended
The ‘burp’ theory of offence."
In some countries in the world, it is considered proper etiquette to give out a loud appreciative burp after a meal, as a sign that you enjoyed the food and to complement the cook. If you do not burp it is taken as an insult to the cook, and the host or hostess.
In this country any time you burp it is considered offensive to all those within hearing.
A burp is just the sound of releasing swallowed air, a perfectly natural thing to do.

What is the difference?

It is a lot more than cultural traditions; it is what you have been TAUGHT as to what is offensive.
When the ‘perpetually indignant’ people in this country complain that they are offended by Patriotic or Christian symbols such as the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance, the Flag or the Cross or the Ten Commandments, it is because they have been taught that it is offensive for them to view it, or to participate. Then these same people want to totally prevent all others from the practice too, no matter whether they want to participate or not.

However these same people who are teaching that saying the Pledge is offensive, or that the Cross is an offensive religious symbol, are also teaching that you should have ‘tolerance’, ‘inclusiveness’, ‘diversity’ and ‘acceptance’ to people of other nations patriotic practices, and holiday celebrations right here within our own country. They also say, as is the American custom and guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, that we must also tolerant of all other religious practices …even if that “religion” be Satanism or whatever.

EXCEPTION to tolerance and acceptance rules:
Christianity and American Patriotism!

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